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Who’s Lady & THE BASS?

Lady & THE BASS is a playful, innovative pop electronic duo featuring lovely vocalist Irene Ermolli ("Lady") and bassist/songwriter/composer Alberto Rigoni ("THE BASS").
The endearing duo first met in 2004 and from the very beginning Irene and Alberto Rigoni, experienced a strong musical connection. Before they formed Lady & THE BASS in 2009, Irene first worked with Alberto on his hit song, “BASSEx”, the video for which was broadcast on Italian television networks such as RockTV.

Alberto Rigoni himself describes the music this way:
"I would say it's Pop, with Electro, Funky and Experimental influences, yet it's original and very catchy. Melody is given not only by Irene's voice, but by the bass itself. Its groove, well... Makes you move!"

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GROOVY - the album

After the great success of their first single “Quirky Girl”, Lady & THE BASS releases “GROOVY”, seven original breath-taking and catchy songs that will blow you away. And.. yes.. the album is available for FREE download!! Don’t miss it!!

Along with the album the duo releases also the funny video clip of “Eclectic” which has been directed by Elisa Fabris. Check it out and share it with your friends!


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Lady & THE BASS makes available their new album "GROOVY" for FREE download (MP3 320, FLAC, AAC etc.).
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If you want to support the artists, a COOL limited edition CD (jewelbox) is also available for sale!


Quirky Girl
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QUIRKY GIRL - the single

Lady & THE BASS have been rapidly gaining an audience in the international pop scene with their debut single “Quirky Girl”. The irresistible song, which was released on Emmeciesse Music Publishing on November 15th 2010, has become the anthem in Europe for a brand new social trend called “Quirky Girls”. As explained by Alberto, “Quirky Girls” are “Independent women who are not looking for a prince charming any longer, who feel at ease being single and who are always in search of new goals. Above all, it’s a new way to live their lives without fears or hesitations.”

The track received widespread airplay on Italian radio this Summer and it has also been selected for a compilation CD that Gruppo Coin (one of the leaders in Italian fashion retail) broadcasts in the numerous shops they own in Italy and abroad. “Quirky Girl” is available on all the best digital music stores such as iTunes, Amazon, etc

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